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Australian Academy of Fencing  
Welcome       to               FencingOnline                               

Welcome to Fencing Online home of the Australian Academy of Fencing, Australia's National service provider for the Vocational Education and Training of Sport and Artistic Fencing and National affiliate of the  Académie d'Armes Internationale   

Our National Coaching Accreditation Program (NCAP) provides the professional education and training to careers in the education profession as: Animateur (teacher), Educateur (Instructor), Prevost (Coach) and Maitre d'Arme/s (Master).  The first 3 levels offer a sport-specifc education alternative to the NCAS levels 1-3 as Recognition of Prior Learning.   Additionally, the AAF offers a mentoring apprenticship program with a strong emphasis on practical coaching outcomes for a further 2 post-graduate levels of accreditation as Prevost-Maitre (level 4) and Maitre d'Arme/s (level 5) with Australasian membership to the Académie d'Armes Internationale

Navigating the site: FencingOnline is divided into 3 areas:  The ACADEMY is where you access the National Coaching Accreditation Program (NCAP).  The SCHOOL is designed to accommodate Physical Education and Performing Arts classes by providing a learn-to-fence syllabus for primary school-age children in Classical (foil) and Artistic (Stage) Fencing while the CLUB provides quality individual tuition, training and competition in the Olympic Sport disciplines of foil, sabre and epee. 


The O'Brien Academy of Fencing was founded by Maitre d'Armes Michael A. O'Brien in order to further develop the skills of fencers in Australia through proficient coaching and training.  MAOB Academy operates out of Kenmore,  Brisbane.

The official website of Prima Spada School of Fence an historical fencing school operating in Brisbane, Australia. 

Gemeiner Academy of Savate   Since 1983 the Gemeiner Academy has been a leading provider of Western Martial Arts tuition operating on the Gold Coast, Australia.

Sword Fighter is Gold Coast's Historical European Martial Arts Club.

Salle En Garde! School and Fencers Club operates from Chevallum on the Sunshine Coast.  The School provides classes for primary school-age children in Sport (foil) and Artistic (swordfight choreography).  The Club provides for all ages providing proficient individual coaching and competition training in foil, epee and sabre




  En Garde! The serious fencers' training diary      



En Garde! The serious fencers' training diary incorporates the physiological, technical, psychological and tactical components of fencing training with competition performance.   The En Garde! program has been successfully used by Provincial, State and National Teams to help develop quality performance-oriented athletes that have achieved significant competition results. A training diary monitors your development of the Physiological  Technical Psychological and Tactical components of fencing competition.                  


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