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Sunshine Coast Fencers Flynn Beckton and Eli Law at the 2018 Oceanic Junior Foil Fencing Championships in Melbourne
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The Australian Academy of Fencing is Australia's National service provider for the Vocational Education and Training of Olympic Sport, Artistic and Historic Fencing and Australia's National affiliate of the  Académie d'Armes Internationale


The National Coaching Accreditation System (NCAS) provides the professional education and training to careers in the education profession as a Fencing: Animateur (teacher), Educateur (Instructor), Prevost (Coach) and Maitre d'Arme/s (Master).  The first 3 fencing levels form a National program covering the Sport-Sciences, Personal Proficiency (Olympic - foil, epee, sabre), Artistic, Historic) and the Pedagogy (Vocational Education & Training) to achive the Diploma of Physical Education in Sport and Artistic Fencing.      Graduates of the NCAS can then affiliate with the Académie d'Armes Internationale  and persue a further 2 post-graduate levels of accreditation as Prevost-Maitre (level 4) and Maitre d'Arme/s (level 5).

Academie d'Armes Internationale Fencing Master World Championships 5,6,7,8 July 2018 at la Salle d'Armes du SUC Escrime 43 avenue du Rhin 67000 Strasbourg France. For more information Académie d'Armes Internationale 

Navigating the site: FencingOnline is divided into 3 areas:  The ACADEMY is where you access the National Coaching Accreditation System (NCAS).  The SCHOOL is designed to accommodate Physical Education and Performing Arts classes by providing a learn-to-fence syllabus for primary school-age children in Classical (foil) and Artistic (Stage) Fencing while the CLUB provides quality individual tuition, training and competition in the Olympic Sport disciplines of foil, sabre and epee. 


The official website of Prima Spada School of Fence an historical fencing school operating in Brisbane, Australia. The Prima Spada School of Fence now boasts having internationally AAI affiliated Fencing Master that of Maitre d'Arme Historique Keith Beattie.  

Gemeiner Academy of Savate   Since 1983 the Gemeiner Academy has been a leading provider of Western Martial Arts tuition operating on the Gold Coast, Australia.  The AAF recognises Craig Gemeiner of the Gemeine Academy of Savate as an internationally AAI affiliated Maitre d'Ames and specialist in Le Canne 

Sword Fighter is Gold Coast's Historical European Martial Arts Club.  The AAF recognises Christopher Godwin of Sword Fighter as an internationally AAI affiliated Prevost d'Armes in Olympic (epee/sabre) and Historique fencing 

Sunshine Coast School of Fencing operates out of the Chevallum State School Hall offering classes in Olympic Fencing and Artistic Fencing while the Sunshine Coast Fencers' Club train out of both the Chevallum State School and Noosa District Catholic Parish 5 Moorindil St., Tewantin on the Sunshine Coast.  The Sunshine Coast can boast having the only internationally AAI affiliated Fencing Master operating in Queensland that of Maitre d'Armes Gary Worsfield and along with our  (AAF NCAS and AAI SIQMA) trained and accredited coaches: Nanna Brane, Eli Law, Phillipe Calamel and Pasqual D'Onofrio offer the best fencing coaching available anywhere on the Coast.  

The Melbourne Fencing Center -   The Melbourne Fencing Centre (St Paul's - Parish Hall, Windella Avenue corner - Hall Street entrance.  Kew East VIC 3101   Training Tuesday 6-8pm Thursday 6-8pm and Saturday 9-1pm.  The MFC offers excellence in fencing coaching with internationally AAI affiliated Maitres' d'Armes Ernie Simon, Greg Benko and Peter Dinsdale on staff.

              Day of Issue                 FENCING STAMPS

XXI Olympiad Montreal 1976

 The stamp depicts a women epeeist at a time when women were only allowed to compete at the Olympics in foil events.  The commissioned Artist was advised but refused to alter the epee to a foil.  This was 1976 and the Games of the XXI Olympiad in Montreal Canada.   These Day of Issue Olympic Fencing stamps are on Canadian Fencing Association l'Association Canadienne d'Escrime envelopes.    Historically significant in the evolution of Olympic, Historic and Artistic Fencing.    Priced at AUD  $20  $30 and $50  respectively - includes postage & handling.

To order: email maitreGW@gmail.com or phone +61 419773317                Payment: PAYPAL


 Designed by the same graphic artist that created Bob Ansett's famous BUDGET $ CAR RENTAL sign.  Priced at AUD $10.00 includes postage.  





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