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Historically, classical fencing has shown itself to be one of the earliest renaissance pursuits which encompassed correct manners, deportment, protocol and of course swordsmanship.   "... for it is my unshakeable belief that fencing should be a cardinal part of any program of education; for I assert that the all-important intangible moral qualities and virtues inherent in the spirit of swordsmanship, unquestionably bring fencing into the field of essential education."  Aldo Nadi    This quote appeared at the beginning of the 20th century and remains equally valid in physical education of today.

 SUNSHINE COAST SCHOOL of FENCING Chevallum State School Hall 460 Chevallum Road.

---)------- En Garde!--- FENCING ----  at Sunshine Coast School of Fencing 

Sunshine Coast SCHOOL of FENCING offers fencing classes designed specifically for school-age children.  The fundamental sport-specific skills of foil fencing are taught along with the sword-hand-body movement co-ordination required of artistic expression and hence Artistic Fencing. Olympic Foil Fencing Classes are held on Saturdays from 10:00 - 11:30am followed by Artistic Fencing from 11:30am-1:00pm    The cost is $125/term or $20/class. and includes all the necessary fencing equipment (foils, masks, plastrons).   To enrol or for more information phone Sunshine Coast School of Fencing on 0404 469 699 

    Come and Try the OLYMPIC Sport of Fencing!

 Residence of the Sunshine Coast can now experienced the intriguing Sport of Fencing through our Come and Try sesssions held at Chevallum State School.

Sunshine Coast School of Fencing meets at Chevallum State School Hall on Saturdays 10-1pm with Olympic Fencing classes from 10:00-11:30am and Artistic Fencing 11:30-1:00pm       

Our advertised Come and Try FENCING CLASS is FREE but does require advance registration -  phone Pasqual on 0404 469 699



                  ARTISTIC / STAGE FENCING

 WELCOME, to classical foil fencing.        The Foil is the basic training weapon of ALL fencing being designed specifically for that purpose and unlike the other disciplines, historically was never used in combat.  Classical foil fencing is visually adjudicated by a President and a Jury of 4 Judges.  The En Garde! program involves teaching the sport's fundamental skills through 3 grades (C bronze, B silver and G gold) of personal proficiency achievements leading to the student being able to judge, preside and fence in a formal, visually adjudicated foil competition.          Enjoy as you start learning the Sport-Science and Performing Arts of Fencing!  

WELCOME, to the artistic side of classical fencing. Our high school performing arts program provides an introduction to the swordfight choreography of Shakespear's Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet and McBeth also Rostand's Cyrano de Bergerac.    Cyrano de Bergerac choreography

          Grade  Bronze                   B Grade  Silver                  A Grade  Gold    


Salle En Garde! School of Fencing

Classical Fencing refers to the historical development of the protocols, procedures, principles, conventions and rules of combat required to adjudicate and judge competition fencing.  Classical fencing refers to the "conventional" disciplines of Foil (developed as the training weapon for the "thrust" and Sabre for the "cut") these disciplines are visually adjudicated by a President du Jury assisted by Judges who determine the materiality of the touch.  Classical Fencing is governed by applying the rules for competition developed up to the introduction of the electrical scoring apparatus for the foil which was at the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games. Classical foil and sabre fencing competitions are visually adjudicated with the Finals often fenced electric.   LINK: AAI  LINK: Christian d'Oriola
Artistic Fencing   Artistic fencing is the study (science and art) of the historical and classical swordplay principles, in order to create, document, teach and perform sequences of action, resembling either period-accurate or artistically expressive performances for recreation, competition and for the entertainment of an audience. Artistic Fencing is governed by the National Fencing Academies and the Academie d'Armes Internationale.  Competition performance categories are contested at the WORLD STAGE FENCING CHAMPIONSHIPS in  Medieval:  Duel  Battle  Renaissance <19th Duel Battle  Free Style:  Duel  Battle and Solo:  Solo  Ensemble  LINK: AAI

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