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l'Académie dÁrmes du Australie


The History of the Fencing Profession

The Australasian Academy of Fencing  l'Académie dÁrmes du Australasia

How well you learn and your potential in fencing is determined by the quality of instruction you receive. Arguably the most important aspect of fencing education must be the quality of teaching.  The central focus of the Australian Academy of Fencing is to provide the highest quality fencing education. Our Mission is to provide excellence in the vocational education and training of Olympic, Historic and Artistic fencing .    The Australian Academy of Fencing is a Vocational Education & Training Provider to Australia's Physical Education, Recreation, Sport and Performing Arts Industries and Australia's National Fencing Academy affiliated with the Académie d'Armes Internationale. 

Australia's NCAS was originally modelled on Canada’s five (5) level  National Coaching Certification Program NCCP. - the first three (3) levels were to a National standard and membership entry to the Académie d’Armes Internationale  and the pathway to a further two (2) post graduate levels for the international qualifications of Prévôt and Maître d’Armes.  A legacy of the 1976 Montreal Olympics, the NCCP brought together the Professional Coaches with the National Sporting Organisations to deliver a coaching education program for Master Coaches that rivalled the World’s most established Sports Educational Institutions.  This co-operation between the professional coaches and the national amateur sporting organisations was essential in the development of Australia's National Coaching Accreditation Scheme for when the  sport-specifics were first put to the Australian Amateur Fencing Federation they were unable to comply with the necessary requirements and so they enticed the Australian Academy of Fencing to become the Coaching Committee of the Australian Amateur Fencing Federation and thus the Australian Fencing Coaches Association was formed.  The joint submission of the AAFF and the AFCA was then approved.   The major players at that time were Laurie Woodman, Director of the NCAS, Professor Michael O’Brien (syllabus & assessment) for the Australian Fencing Coaches Association and Maître Gary Worsfield, himself a graduate of the NCCP and the Fencing Academy of Canada who had delivered the NCAS as State Director of Coaching for the Queensland Amateur Fencing Association (1986-1996) represented the Australian Academy of Fencing.

As the international affilaited National Fencing Academy the Australian Academy of Fencing has continued to deliver and further develop the NCAS with the inclusion of a 3 level credit-based syllabus, sport-specific competency assessment, risk assessment protocols, a national fencing training diary just to mention a few. The AAF now boasts an all-time high in membership with 17 internationsll affiliated Fencing Coaches and 25 nationally trained through both the NCAS and the SIQMA.   Twenty five 25 instructors vocationally educated and trained to introduce Olympic, Historic and Artistic fencing within the physical education, health, recreation, drama, theatre and performing arts.

National Coaching Accreditation System (NCAS) is designed to comply with the Australian Qualification Framework and the AAI Systeme Internationale de Qualification des Maitres d'Armes thus providing the vocational education and training to the international accreditation of Maitre d'Armes in Olympic, Artistic and Historic Fencing.   
With the linking of our 2 programs (AAF NCAS and AAI SIQMA) this new credit based and competency assessed structure now encompasses all forms of fencing - Olympique sport (foil epee sabre) Historique  sword-fight reinactments and Artistique performance (choreography) for theatre and screen as well as formulating strong relationships with the various historic and artistic  organizations with the common interest of fencing performance in all it's forms. 

The Australian Academy of Fencing / Australasian Academy of Fencing is Australia's National Fencing Academy affiliate of the Academie d'Armes Internationale licensed to deliver the international system for the training of Fencing Masters while our 3 levels of NCAS delivers the club - state - national sport-specific vocatioinal education and training to ensure success.

For more information on the Australian Academy of Fencing National Coaching Accreditation System email maitreGW@gmail.com 

Prof. Michael O'Brien recently turned 91 with a party of close friends and family at his residence in Kenmore.  Happy Birthday Mike!

Denise O'Brien Queenslands only Olympic Female Fencer.  A past student of All Hallows.

  He can still stran a good line!

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Edited by Walter G. Green III, ... The Fencing Master Project attempts to capture the history of professionals in the sport and ... Military Fencing Masters


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