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l'Académie dÁrmes du Australie


The History of the Fencing Profession

The Australasian Academy of Fencing  l'Académie dÁrmes du Australasia

How well you learn and your potential in fencing is determined by the quality of instruction you receive. Arguably the most important aspect of fencing education must be the quality of teaching.  The central focus of the Australian Academy of Fencing is to provide the highest quality fencing education. Our Mission is to provide excellence in the vocational education and training of Olympic, Historic and Artistic fencing .    The Australian Academy of Fencing is a Vocational Education & Training Provider to Australia's Physical Education, Recreation, Sport and Performing Arts Industries and Australia's National Fencing Academy affiliated with the Académie d'Armes Internationale. 

National Coaching Accreditation System (NCAS) has been designed to comply with the Australian Qualification Framework and the AAI Systeme Internationale de Qualification des Maitres d'Armes thus providing the vocational education and training to the international accreditation of Maitre d'Armes in Olympic, Artistic and Historic Fencing.   

The Australian Academy of Fencing NCAS offers the first 3 modules as a Diploma of Physical Education in Olympic Sport, Historic and Artistic Fencing.  The Course offers 3 streams (Olympic, Artistic, Historic) each with 3 levels:  1) Orientation Introduction to fencing  2) class instruction and 3) individual tuition) of vocational education (pedagogy) along with 3 corresponding levels of personal proficiency (1-3 Star Awards).   Career opportunities include:  Animateur-trice (Primary Education classes before, after and in-school hours. Recreation Camp Instructor)  Educateur-trice (Secondary School  Sport and/or Performing Arts classes, Entraineur (Secondary School Physical Education and/or Performing Arts programs, Theatre & screen productions, Actor, Stunt Performer - Stunt Double).

With the linking of our 2 programs (AAF NCAS and AAI SIQMA) this new credit based structure now encompasses all forms of fencing - Olympique sport (foil epee sabre) Historique  sword-fight reinactments and Artistique performance (choreography) for theatre and screen as well as formulating strong relationships with the various historic and artistic  organizations with the common interest of fencing performance - in all it's forms. 

For more information on the Australian Academy of Fencing National Coaching Accreditation System, either call Mtr. Gary Worsfield on 0419 773 317 or email maitreGW@gmail.com 

BAF Professor, Australian Olympic Fencing Coach and the Australian Academy of Fencing's Patron Maitre d'Armes Michael A. O Brien celebrated his 90th Birthday on Saturday 28th February and was honored on that occasion with the title of "Living Legend".   In 2016 Mike was honoured with the Academy's Gold Medalion - the highest acculade the Academy can bestow.  We believe however, that there is, nor has there ever been, any other Fencing Master that has taught so many students in so many countries (England, France, Canada, USA, Australia just to mention a few) and so many of whom having gone on to achieved some absolutely incredible National, Inter-National, Commonwealth, World and Olympic results and over such an increbably long period of time.  Mike started fencing himself immediately after WW2 persuing a professional fencing coaching career initially under the legendary "Punch" Bertrand and then as understudy to the famous Roger Crosnier.  Mike qualified as a Professor of the British Academy of Fencing, aurguably the most prestigious Fencing Academy at that time, in 1951 but was not awarded his Diploma untill the 1956 Melbourne Olympics - where he was the Australian Olympic Fencing Coach.   At 90 Mike is still giving lessons!     

The O'Brien Academy of Fencing was founded by Maitre d'Armes Michael A. O'Brien in order to further develop the skills of fencers in Australia through proficient coaching and training.  MAOB Academy operates out of Kenmore,  Brisbane

                President of the AAF Norman Campbell presents the Academy's Diploma and title of Living Legend



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