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Australian Academy of Fencing      Special Meeting   2009

A Special Meeting of the AAF was convened at Prof. Mike O'Brien's residence in Kenmore on Sunday 26th April 2009.  In attendance were Maitre Gary Worsfield (Chairman), Prévot Tynan Worsfield and Simon Leitch while, stuck in traffic was Ramon, Moniteur Joseph Del Vecchio (Minute Secretary) and Aaron Jordan.

1.   History of the Academy to where we are today.  2.   Discussion of the recent changes adopted by the AAI and how they can impact on the Australian Academy.   3.    What we need to do as an Administration - a revival strategy / development plan     4.    Hold annual Examinations - AAI Certificates can be issued at the appropriate levels (moniteur, prevot, maitre déscrime and maitre dármes) along with a Masters' competition - this year can be the selection for the 2010 World Fencing Masters Championships tentatively hosted by Sweden.

Further discussion starts formulating a plan that consists of  4 Examination/Assessment Weekend Courses.  One weekend devoted to each discipline - foil, epee, sabre and artistic fencing.  One Weekend at the end of each school term.  Each Review and Examination Weekend will consist of one day of workshops, reviewing the examination criteria and levels of competency, and another day of practical examination, giving and taking lessons, fencing and officiating on the electrical scoring apparatus.


Australian Academy of Fencing         2010

Reporting from the Australian Academy of Fencing  

1.    Since 2010 Australian Academy of Fencing has been collaborating with New Zealand Fencing Masters towards amalgamation to become the Australasian Academy of Fencing.  Initial discussion took place at the Coaches Conference and the proposal was submitted to the AAI for consideration during 2011.  The AAI have since advised that they are not going to oppose the proposal and to forward it as a motion for the 2012 Congress. Our Motion is now in the hands of the AAI

 2.    In anticipation of the formation of the Australasian Academy of Fencing, a new Diploma, reflecting this amalgamation has been designed and is currently with the printers awaiting final confirmation from the AAI.

3.    The Australian Academy of Fencing Constitution is currently being revised and updated to include all details of becoming the Australasian Academy of fencing.  It is currently under consideration to maintain the Australian Academy of Fencing as the National Vocational Education and Training Service Provider for the lower levels of accreditation of the NCAP (levels 1-3) in Australia and reserve the higher levels of accreditation (level 4 Prevost  and level 5 Maitre) for examination and accreditation by the Australasian Academy of Fencing.

4.    As a legacy of the 2010 Fencing Forum - Coaches Conference and Fencers' Camp it has been proposed to establish the Forum as an annual event.  The Forum would provide the opportunity for annual updating of coaching accreditation. It would be initially hosted in other-than-queensland Australian States with the view of eventually crossing the Tasman to include New Zealand.

5.    The Australian Academy of Fencing will soon be communicating directly to Members via our new format En Garde! Newsletter. Currently a mailing list of all Instructors and Coaches previously taught through the Academy is being collated.

6.    The Australian Academy of Fencing embroidered logos (choice of 2) along with a variety of brand-name clothing is now available through www.northsideembroidery.com.au  Members can choose to have the AAF Logo on any garment that is either black, white, grey or any combination there-of. Ordering details are available in the En Garde! Newsletter.