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    AAI                                           Académie d'Armes Internationale   

A resolution was passed to allow Academies with only Escrime Artistic members to be admitted to the AAI.

It was resolved to amend the Statutes to allow Academy representatives who were competent in one discipline only (i.e. Classical or Artistic) would only be permitted to vote on motions relating to their specific area of competence.

A motion was passed to allow single weapon Masters.  The title for Masters of three weapons was to historically remain as Maitre d'Armes while single weapon Masters will be Maitre d'Arme Fleuret / Epee / Sabre.

A proposal by the President to allow Prevots and Moniteurs to become members of the AAI was approved on condition that only Masters could represent Academies at Congress.

The question was raised as to who could give "official" AAI training camps and who could award AAI certificates. It was of the opinion that AAI certificates should be recognised by every member Academy, but in order to maintain the value of AAI certificates it was necessary that each Academy maintain tight control over who can run these training camps/examinations for them to be designated AAI training camps/examinations.  The credibility that an AAI certificate gives is a valuable asset and as such we must maintain an acceptably high standard.  For example a Coach who has just become a Master needs several years of involvement in training camps and sitting on examination boards before being sufficiently experienced and competent to award an AAI certificate.  It was agreed that each Academy produce a short list of experienced Masters to be accredited to run camps and award AAI certificates and provide details of their coaching education program.

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