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Come and Try the OLYMPIC Sport of Fencing!

Over 35 participants from  from all over the Sunshine Coast have now experienced the intriguing Sport of Fencing through our classes and individual Come and Try sesssions held  at Chevallum State School. By the end of a Come and Try fencing session participants have learnt the basic fundamental fencing skills, the formalities of formal competition and are actually fencing 5 touch foil bouts.         Salle En Garde! School of Fencing meets at Chevallum State School Hall on Saturdays 10-1pm and for the competitors Salle En Garde! Fencers' Club meets on Tuesdays 5-7pm .   Our advertised CLASS Come and Try FENCING sessions are FREE but do require advance registration, however for those that just can't wait or if you choose to learn fencing through one-to-one INDIVIDUAL tuition we offer an individual come-and-try introduction at a cost of $25 which is deducted from fees if you decide to continue with fencing.     You can Come and Try FENCING at any time - simply phone Pasqual on 0404 469 699

Salle En Garde! Fencers' Club is proud to have as it's resident Fencing Master,  internationally AAI accredited Maitre Gary Worsfield, the only Australian Fencing Master to be a Member of SAG (Screen Actors' Guild).  This unique combination allows Maitre Gary to offer individual tuition in Olympic Foil, Epee and Sabre as well as teaching the sword-fight choreography required in Artistic Fencing.   Under the guidance of Maitre Gary Worsfield and assisted by NCAS accredited coaches, fencers can be assured of top quality insstruction, casual bouting and formal competition in foil, sabre and epee.  The electrical scoring apparatus is available for those with their own personal equipment and there is a limited supply of this equipment available for use.   Club Fees: $300/year, $200/semester or $125 per term OR an individual nightly “drop-in” fee of $25.  Individual tuition can be arranged directly with the various Coaches. 
 For more information phone Pasqual at Salle En Garde! Fencers' Club on 0404 469 699 


En Garde! Introduction to Sport Fencing

 Nanna Brane & Eli Law
Maitre Gary Worsfield & Eli Law  

         Come & Try the Olympic Sport of Fencing was the start of term 2 at the Club's new home Chevallum State Primary School 460 Chevallum Road.

                                                     On the podium, the  3 medalist from the Veteran's Epee: Paul and Jutta from Townsville and Nanna Brane from Salle En Garde! Fencers' Club on the Sunshine Coast at the recent QFA Fencing Competition held in Brisbane. Nanna who says she has "got the taste for comps" also competed in the Open women's epee event.

Chevallum State School 460 Chevallum Road



Nanna Brane competing in both the Women's Veterans Foil and Women's Open Foil events in Adelaide over the Queens Birthday weekend.

Salle En Garde's Nanna Brane  in action at the Women's Foil

    AUSTRALIAN ACADEMY OF FENCING Personal Proficiency Certificates



Classical Fencing refers to the historical development of the protocols, procedures, principles, conventions and rules of combat required to adjudicate and judge competition fencing.  Classical fencing refers to the "conventional" disciplines of Foil (developed as the training weapon for the "thrust" and Sabre for the "cut") these disciplines are visually adjudicated by a President du Jury assisted by Judges who determine the materiality of the touch.  Classical Fencing is governed by applying the rules for competition developed up to the introduction of the electrical scoring apparatus for the foil which was at the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games. Classical foil and sabre fencing competitions are visually adjudicated with the Finals often fenced electric.   LINK: AAI  LINK: Christian d'Oriola

Sport Fencing    Sport fencing is Olympic competition fencing in the disciplines of electric foil, epee and sabre. These weapons are electronically judged and adjudicated by a Referee. The electrical scoring apparatus judges the materiality of the hit.  As with many modern sports, fencing continues to evolve with its focus on athleticism and public popularity.  To this end the rules of competition are continually changing to meet these demands.   Sport fencing is governed by the National Sporting Federations and the Federation Internationale d'Escrime. LINK: FIE

 The FIE CHANNEL - YOUTUBE's latest video coverage of World Events.      For the serious minded competitive fencer subscribing to the FIE channel is a MUST!      ENJOY top quality world fencing!  

            FIE video's Channel      

The FIE is the organization which governs Olympic sport fencing throughout the world.


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