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Maître Gary Worsfield

Photographer-Gavin Keats

Since 1967 Gary's life has been involved in learning fencing; as a fencer, competitor, president, armourer, technical official, sports administrator, instructor, coach and finally fencing master.   Gary was originally taught fencing and coaching from Maître John Fethers (World finalist at the first electric foil World Championships in 1955 and National Coach for Scotland and Australia) and later from Maître Joseph Gyuricza (Men's Foil World Champion 1955), Prof. Bill Harman-Brown and Maitre Barry More (British Team Coach and New Zealand's National Coach).

His coaching CV started with the British "Crosnier" system as taught by Maitre John Fethers (understudy of Roger Crosnier himself) and further influenced by Prof. Bob Anderson (Senior British National Coach and Hollywood's "guru" of swordfight choreography), Prof. Zbigniew Czajkowski (Polish National Coach),  and Maitre Jean-Pierre Le Coz (Canadian National Coach).  Gary did his prévost-maître under the guidance of Prof. Michael O'Brien (also an understudy of Roger Crosnier and Australian Olympic Coach) and has been extremely fortunate to have worked with both Maître Steven Vamos and Prof. Bob Anderson on the development of the sport-specific fencing component of Canada's National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP)

Gary is a graduate Coach and Course Conductor of the Coaching Association of Canada's National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP). A level 3 Coach of the Australian Sports Commission National Coaching Accreditation Scheme, Maître d'Armes (Master of Arms) of The Fencing Academy of Canada-Académie d'Armes du Canada, Member of the Académie d'Armes Internationale and Administrative Director of the Australian Academy of Fencing.

Maître d'Armes Gary Worsfield fleching Capt. Alan English. Winnipeg Canada. 1976

 Photographer - Maitre d'Armes - Gary WorsfieldMichael Utgaard



Gary's coaching experiences range from teaching young children through to veterans and training them to elite levels of performance within their respective age categories at State-Provincial, National and International levels of competition. Gary practices a coaching ethos; an esprit de vivre that strives towards achieving one's potential while in the pursuit of excellence. A philosophy that emphasizes the quality of performance along with the joy of learning.  Gary, Sylvia Fain, Mike O'Brien 1976 Montreal Olympics

Gary is the author of the En Garde! TM series of publications: 


      Gary's other interests lie with sword-fight choreography were he has been fortunate to choreograph sequences and teach the Actors / Artists of: THEATRE: (Rodney Fisher’s production of Twelfth Night  (Royal Queensland Theatre Co.), Aubrey Mellor's Romeo and Juliet  (Queensland Theatre Co.), Paul Galloway's productions of King Lear and Cyrano de Bergerac  (A.C.R.O.N.Y.M.), Clarry Evans’ MacBeth - The Rock Opera (Twelfth Night Theatre), Francis McMahan's Hamlet  (Climbaxe); OPERA: (Irving Guttman's La Forza Del Destino  (Manitoba Opera Co. (Canada), The Pirates of Penzance  (Manitoba Opera Co.); BALLET (Harold Collins’ Romeo and Juliet  (Queensland Ballet Co.) FILM: The Duel  (Unicorn/National Film Board of Canada), Egil's Saga  (Unicorn/Icelandic Television). LIVE Productions: Melbourne's Moomba Festival Rapier and Dagger Duel, Canada Games: Gala Awards Fencing Sword Fights and the Grand Salute for the Entrance of the Competitors to the Fencing Event, Hotels Association of Canada Fencing Duel choreographed to the music of Pink Floyd and with the assistance of his Maître d'Arme Son, Tynan Worsfield, choreography for Krome Studios / Lucas Production of the Star Wars GAME.

     MOTION PICTURES: Feature Film: Peter Pan. 

Gary has conducted Sword Choreography WORKSHOPS for: Manitoba Theatre Co., Prairie Theatre Exchange, Interact (Canada), Queensland Performing Arts Trust, the Performing Arts Departments of James Cook University and numerous Brisbane & Sunshine Coast Schools, more recently with Tynan Worsfield teaching Sword Play is Kids Play for the children of the Varekai School of the Cirque du Soleil


Gary & John Fethers rehearing for Melbourne's MOOMBA Festival & Victoria's ARTS BALL (1972-3)





             The Duel           From the Duel to Fencing    Egil Saga a Viking Duel      Hamlet & Laertes     Peter Pan Swordfights     Sword Master Peter Pan


       John & Wendy       Gary @ the Sydney Swords Club

              From the Duel to Fencing     Children of the Varekia School of the Cirque du Soleil    


Gary offers the unique combination of being an internationally qualified Maître d'Armes with extensive experience in the Performing Arts as an ambidextrous Sword Master.

 Gary was introduced to the Motion Picture Film Industry under the guidance of veteran Stunt Coordinator and 2nd Unit Director Conrad Palmisano.


GW and Connie at the Warner Roadshow Studios Gold Coast Australia 


"Jeremy Sumpter IS Peter Pan, and one of the most likeable and talented teenagers I've been fortunate to teach. If it's fun, he'll learn it well, and once learnt, he's able to recall complex sequences of swordfight choreography months after they had been filmed.  Jeremy is amazing with the sword flips and tricks, as you'll see in the movie, quite remarkable considering he was only thirteen at the time!"                              peter pan    THE WRITING STUDIO swordplay and stunts



Jason Isaacs plays the dastardly Capt. James Hook as well as the wimpy Mr. Darling.  Jason, naturally right handed, had to learn all the sword fighting left-handed to be true to J.M. Barrie's original play where Peter Pan had cut off Hook's right-hand! 

"Garfield" is "Gary Worsfield"

G.W. is Gary Worsfield  ===)--swordmaster----------

Gary now resides on Bribie Island and is available for individual Tuition in either the Personal Proficiency or the Vocational Education and Training of Sport (foil, epee, sabre) and Artistic (Stage) swordfight choreography.

Contact Gary Worsfield either by email: maitregw@gmail.com  Cell phone: 0419773317 or Post: Box 2049 Woorim, Bribie Island Qld. 4507 Australia.


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